Winter skin care tips – what not to skimp on during the colder months.

Winter can be the perfect opportunity to curl up and hibernate. Lose yourself in a good book, trade the late-night social engagements for brunches by the fire and warm comfy clothes replace slinky summer outfits.

There is one area of our routines that we shouldn’t neglect in the colder months but we all inevitably do. (Probably because it spends most of the season covered up!) and that’s the health of our skin.

During Summer we are regularly reminded of the need to care for our skin as we have a visual cue each day – sunscreen because the suns out, moisturise because my arms and legs are out and exfoliate to get rid of the scales etc. But in Winter, our bodies largest organ goes undercover, literally, almost completely covered up.

Now is however a great time to remember to share some love with our body’s largest organ. Afterall, it is this climatic change that is responsible for some of our biggest skin complaints - dry, scaly, flaky skin, dehydration, inflammatory skin condition flare ups such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis to name a few.

So, to help combat some of these concerns, here is my list of top tips to keep your skin loved and healthy this winter.

1 – Don’t neglect your SPF!

SPF is your skins most important defence against harmful UV rays; however, many of us don’t consider this a required step in our daily routines all.year.round.

That’s right, sunscreen needs to form part of your morning routine even in Winter. The truth is, UV rays are damaging all the time, not just when the sun is shining.

2 – Moisture to nurture

Dry, flaky, scaly skin sound familiar? Winter and our exposure to artificial heat and harsh environmental factors can contribute greatly to the moisture levels of your skin.

Regularly moisturising your face, body and hands will help to protect your skin from the harm of inflammatory conditions started by dry, flaky or scaly skin avoiding cracking and the pain of potential infection.

3 – Exfoliate to eliminate

Now is the time to help our skin remain healthy and able to regulate its moisture and sebum levels to ensure moisture levels are maintained. This includes being able to shed the dead skin cells effectively and regular exfoliation can help this process.

A visit to your therapist for a microdermabrasion facial or a body scrub are great in clinic options for kickstarting your exfoliation. Discuss with your therapist the most suited exfoliation method for your skin type (granular etc) and then incorporate this in to your evening skin care routine 1-2 times weekly.

4 – Hydrate while you hibernate

When it’s cold out, it can be so hard to drink our minimum levels of H2O – but it is such a great health benefit and not just for our skin. All of our body systems respond to effective levels of hydration and ensuring your body receives its quota will help the body flush itself of toxins that may otherwise manifest on the skin.

A handy tip in winter: try drinking your water hot/warm with a slice of lemon.

5 – Wellbeing self-check in

Winter acts as an important reminder to all of us about the importance of slowing down, perhaps taking a step back and reflecting on our own mental wellbeing.

Why is this relevant to caring for your skin? Because recent scientific research is finding evidence that shows stress can manifest on the skin presenting as poor skin health.

With our gut being the super centre of our body’s functions and health, stress can directly impact its ability to function at a healthy optimum. In turn, impacting bodily systems triggering inflammatory skin conditions.

So, this is your friendly reminder to check in with yourself and make adjustments as needed. Whether that be through meditation, physical activity, new hobbies, career reflection – make now your peaceful time to reflect and act.


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